Sustainable Development Plan and Integrated Coastal Zone Management for the Municipality of Thiva through consideration of coastal vulnerability and potential effects of climate change

The main objectives of the Project are:

  • to propose interventions in coastal areas only if the social interest is more important than the preservation of the natural environment,
  • to apply interventions only for the cases where there is a specific need for the coast under investigation and not generalized solutions,
  • to minimize the use of coastal structures with particular emphasis on the quality of the outcome of the coastal protection scheme.

The innovation of the Project lies in approaching the coastal engineering problem through a holistic consideration of coastal morphodynamic processes as well as the impacts of climate change. A multi-criteria analysis will be an additional tool to understand the reasons that led to the current coastal condition and to identify the most effective solutions to address specific problems. This innovative approach to the problem of coastal erosion is based on the following principles:

  • With nature and not against nature.
  • Choosing the optimal solution based on the type of the coast which will satisfy as many objectives as possible. Since it is often impossible to meet all objectives, it is important to distinguish which objectives can be achieved, as well as the target priorities.
  • Addressing erosion problems by considering constructing the minimum possible engineering works aiming at preserving the physical terrain as much as possible.
  • Paying attention to the aesthetics of the interventions to minimize visual disturbances from the presence of the works.
  • Limiting the management/maintenance of coastal protection works to the minimum possible.
  • Ensuring water quality and minimizing dirt and/or algae entrapment.
  • Ensuring the safety of bathers by avoiding dangerous back currents.

Relevant publications

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