Postgraduate Theses

The following link includes guidelines for postgraduate theses at the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering.

Postgraduate theses at the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering – Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate Studies :Water Resources Science & Technology” 


Katradi, A. (2022). Placement of a floating wind farm using geographic information systems in the Aegean Sea.

Koulouri, M. (2022). Methodological framework of the coastal and port vulnerability assessment.


Mizi, Μ. (2021). Determination of Port Vulnerability Index for managing the climate change impacts on the port infrastructure of the Peloponnese Region, Greece.

Kalpyri, M. (2021). Numerical Simulation of Coastal Flooding in Coastal Area of Rethymno, Island of Crete.

Leventi, Ε. (2021). Qualitative analysis for the utilization of the Achillio Marina in Skyros island based on Integrated Coastal Zone Management principles.


Atzampou, Π. (2020). Wave – current interaction in 3rd generation spectral numerical models.

Papadopoulos, G. (2020). Comparative investigation of design wave calculation methods for port constructions.


Chondrogiannis, I. (2019). Vulnerability Index of coastal infrastructure for managing the climate change impacts – Case Study on the infrastructures of Peloponnese Region, Greece.


Katsabi, D. (2018). Coastal engineering investigation of the natural processes and design of protection works in the coastal zone. Application in the area of Avlida, Greece.


Kragiopoulou Ε. (2016). XBeach model application on assessing coastal zone processes under extreme storm events.

Pirpiri, Th. (2016). Estimation of wave runup by analyzing extreme wave height values.


Christodoulou, Chr. (2015). Wave runup in the coastal area of Rethymno under extreme wave conditions.


Nikolaou, Ε. (2014). Numerical investigation of the efficiency of a breakwater system.


Athanasiou, P. (2012). Estimation of environmental condition and impact assessment for alternative scenarios of management for the National Marine Park of Allonissos, Nothern Sporades.

Argiropoulos, Ε. (2012). Investigation on the intensification of wave characteristics in the vicinity of a breakwater.

Vavadaki, Ε. (2012). Management of coastal regions using hydroinformatic systems numerical simulation – Case study on design options for pleasure-boat harbours at sandy coasts.

Boundris, Ι. (2012). Mathematical modelling of wave disturbance with the presence of flushing culverts.

Chatzirodou, Α. (2012). Evaluation of alternative coastal zone management schemes through environmental indicators.

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