Undergraduate Theses

The following link includes guidelines for postgraduate theses at the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering.


Undergraduate Theses at the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering


Brouziouti, S. (2022). Application of monitoring methods to assess the vulnerability of port infrastructure, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Pantelidis, Α. (2022). Cyprus fishing shelters: database and vulnerability assessment, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.


Galanis, D. (2020). Effect of the sea surface height variability and tide on the spatial distribution of the wave height – Simulation of the spatial distribution in five ports of the world, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Kouveli, Κ. (2020). Application of the ISPS code at the port facility of Port Authority of Mykonos, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Magkanaris, P. (2020). Efficiency of marinas structures in realtion with coastal sediment transport, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Papadakis, Ε. (2020). Rehabilitation and resilience enhancing methods for port infrastructure- Application in the port of Evdilos, Ikaria, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Pytharouliou, A . (2020). Assessment of long-term forecasting methods of morphological bed level evolution – Application on the Kamares coast of Sifnos, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.


Vlachakis, Ι. (2019). Adaptation of coastal protection works to climate change effects for enhancing coastal road safety, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Koromilas, Α. (2019). Development of a combined physical and anthropogenic activities vulnerability index for coastal infrastructures based on GIS, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Panagopoulos, L.Ε. (2019). Sediment transport and coastal zones processes with methods of wave climate schematization – Case study of Rethymno, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Papadopoulou, Ν. (2019). Analysis of coastal erosion using mathematical models, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Skourti, Ο. (2019). Adapting ports to climate change-Case Study: Evdilos Port, Ikaria, Greece, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Stamatiadis, Α. (2019). Numerical modelling of wind waves and comparison with mathematical equations, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.


Karousis, Α. (2018). Development of numerical methods for calculating the bed evolution in the presence of port structures, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Papadimitriou, Α. (2018). Assessment of the coastal zone related physical processes in the area of South Euboean Bay, using numerical models, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.


Koulouridi, V. (2017). Maritime spatial planning with GIS, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Mantzios, Κ. (2017). Database of Yacht Zones in Subsistent Harbors, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Saltouridou, D. (2017). Offshore oil exploitation in Greece and environmental effects, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Tsoukalas, A. (2017). Experimental investigation of non-breaking wave pressures in an inclined impermeable breakwater, Supervisors: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι. & Giantsi, Th.


Klinaki, P. (2016). The effect of the wave period on breakwater armour design, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Skarlatou, Ε. (2016). Assessing coastal zone processes considering extreme storm events – Case study of Rethymno, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Sotiriadou, Α. (2016). Port of Ermoupolis, Syros: Proposal for the post-Neorian era, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Chalastani, V. (2016). Design, construction and regulatory framework of an artificial reef in Marathon Bay, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.


Kritikos, Κ. (2015). Addressing the issue of shoreline erosion near a marina, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.


Aggelerou, P. (2014). Numerical simulation of hydrodynamic field and sediment transport in a pocket-beach, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Kragiopoulou, Ε. (2014). Risk assessment of oil spill accidents – Application of two methodologies to Saronikos Gulf, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Mantelou, M. (2014). Hydrodynamic field of natural submerged breakwater, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Pirpiri, Th. (2014). Estimation of the wave transmission coefficient using artificial neural networks and experimental measurements, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Samlidis, Ν. (2014). Wave transmission in the lee of submerged breakwaters, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Christakis, G. (2014). Comparison of two mathematical models of oil spill dispersion in Thermaic Gulf, Supervisors: Stamou, A. & Tsoukala, V.Κ.


Afentoulis, V. (2013). Numerical investigation of the wave intensification downstream a port breakwater, Supervisors: Moutzouris, K.I. & Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Konstantoudaki, G. (2013). Calculation of carbon footprint for ports – Application in the container terminal of Port of Piraeus, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Potouridis, S. (2013). Comparison of the programs GNOME, MEDSLIK and FLOW 3D-L for the calculation of an oil spill, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.


Kalfas, D. (2012). Multi-criteria methodology for spatial planning and environmental assessment of ecological commercial ports, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Kokmotos, Ι. (2012). Effect of environmental impacts in the selection of reconstruction the Andravida airport. Application of multicriteria decision analysis by using <<Goals Achievement Matrix>> method., Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Korfiatis, I. (2012). Effect of pier holes and alternative layouts on wave agitation in the port of Kyparissia, Supervisors: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι., & Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Koufali, Μ. (2012). Experimental study of the influence of breakwaters in wave action downstream of harbours, Supervisors: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι., & Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Monemvasioti, Aik. (2012). Evaluation of the environmental state of National Marine Park of Zakynthos using multictiteria analysis, Supervisor.:Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Partalis, G. (2012). Select airport location with multi-criteria decision analysis methods, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Rizos, S. (2012). Simulation of wave transmission in harbours through flushing culvert via numerical model of coupled eigenmodes, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Charchousi, D. (2012). Benchmarking methodologies for calculating water footprint, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.


Antonopoulou, Μ. (2011). Multi-criteria analysis for offshore spatial planning of a wind farm, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Kalampaliki, Ζ. (2011). Investigation of water footprint calculation methodologies – Application in the Messara plain, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.


Kalantidou, Α. (2010). Sustainable environmental planning of the coastal zone of the Municipality of Xylokastro utilizing Environmental Indicators, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Boundris, Κ.Ι. (2010). Numerical investigation of wave disturbance in the port of Kolymvari through flushing culverts, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Stathatou, P. (2010). Water footprint – A modern tool in water resource management, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.


Dalezios, G. (2007). Experimental investigation of the performance of coastal protection structures in Kato Pyrgos, Cyprus, Supervisors: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι., & Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Brempos, Ε., & Deves, D. (2007). Experimental investigation of wave penetration from a flushing culvert in a port basin, Supervisors: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι., & Tsoukala, V.Κ.


Vartelatou, S. (2006). Parametric analysis of wave penetration from a flushing culvert, Supervisor: Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Mixalopoulou, P. (2006). Physical experiments on the extension of the runway 10-28 of Macedonia Airport, Supervisors: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι., & Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Sigalos, L. (2006). Experimental investigation of wave penetration from flushing culverts in the port basin of Kolymvari S. Crete, Supervisors: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι., & Tsoukala, V.Κ.

Stavrou, Ε. (2006). Experimental investigation on physical model tests for the protection and improvement of the coasts of Kato Pyrgos Tellyria, Cyprus, Supervisors: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι., & Tsoukala, V.Κ.


Giannaki, S.Τ. (2005). Experimental investigation of the effect of flushing culverts on the wave characteristics and oxygenation of the inner area of coastal structures, Supervisors: Stamou, Α., Moutzouris, Κ.Ι., & Tsoukala, V.Κ.


Apostolatou, Α. (2004). Dissolved oxygen concentration measurements in Piraeus passenger port, Supervisor: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι.

Kokkinos, Α., & Pappas, Ν. (2004). Dissolved oxygen concentration measurements in Piraeus passenger port terminal, Supervisor: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι.


Moros, S., & Gallios, F. (2003). Dissolved oxygen concentration measurements in the central terminal of the port of Piraeus, Supervisor: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι.


Apostolatou, Α., & Danalis, Ν. (2002). Measurements of dissolved oxygen concentration in seawater in ports of eastern Attica, Supervisor: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι.

Filippopoulos, Ε.I (2002). Experimental investigation of wave propagation and dissolved oxygen transmission through a porous breakwater, Supervisor: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι.


Tofa, I. (1999). Large-scale experimental measurements at the Franzius Institut, University of Hannover, Germany, regarding oxygen penetration in the breakwater area, Supervisor: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι.


Damaskou, Ε., & Kakonikti, D. (1998). Experimental investigation of seawater oxygenation in a plane sloping beach, Supervisor: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι.

Karatzeni, Α.Ι. (1998). Dissolved oxygen concentration measurements of seawater in a port of eastern Attica, Supervisor: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι.


Karakitsou, Α. (1996). Experimental investigation of seawater oxygenation through a breakwater, Supervisor: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι.

Chitiroglou, S. (1996). Experimental investigation of wave-induced oxygenation in the vicinity of a breakwater, Supervisor: Moutzouris, Κ.Ι.

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