The Laboratory of Harbour Works (LHW) of the Civil Engineering School, NTUA, is one out of 14 Laboratories within the School with fundamental and applied research activity related to port and coastal engineering.

The LHW is the only laboratory in Greece that has infrastructure for conducting 3D experiments on physical models, the most appropriate method for exploring and optimizing solutions in the construction and operation of harbor works, but also for optimizing the design (technical and environmental) of coastal protection works.

LHW is housed in a building of a total area of 5.000 m2 in Zographou Campus (Figure 1) and it consists of:

  • two large 3-dimensional basins (Figure 2): D1(26.8 x 24.3 x 1.0 m) D2 (35.2×27.75×1.0 m), unique in their kind in Greece for conducting experiments in physical models equipped an hydraulic system for wave generation. The system contains a wave composition software for regular, irregular waves, and timeseries.
  • an elongated basin D3 ( 19.95 x 6.15 x 1. m)
  • a wave flume, F1 (27.00 x 0.60 x 0.60m) for regular wave generation
  • wave probes of resistance type
  • wave probes with echo-sounders,
  • software for data analysis and data processing.

The Laboratory’s equipment for field applications, physical and numerical modelling also includes:

  • Unmanned vehicle systems and 3-D cameras for infrastructure monitoring
  • Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for underwater inspection
  • Wave buoys
  • Acoustic Doppler current profiler
  • Anemometers, oximeters and conductivity meters
  • Instruments for analysis of marine sediments
  • Control rooms and network of PCs as well as specialized software that record and processes experimental wave data.

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