ARSINOE Climate Resilient Regions through systematic solutions and innovations

ARSINOE ( is an EU-funded project of 15M (GA no-101037424) and 41 partners aimed at creating climate resilient-regions through systemic solutions and innovations, supervised by Prof. C.Laspidou, UTH. ARSINOE will shape the pathways to resilience by bringing together the Systems Innovation Approach (SIA) and the Climate Innovation Window (CIW) to build an ecosystem for climate change adaptation solutions. This approach is showcased in nine demonstrators (case studies), as a proof-of-concept with regards to its applicability, replicability, potential and efficacy. LHW participates in CS2 “Mediterranean Ports”. Based on its research activity and expertise regarding the design, operation and management of seaports, LHW develops the vulnerability assessment of the ports of Piraeus, Limassol and Valencia to design targeted adaptation pathways in an attempt to tackle climate change.

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